Gema-11Beat Anxiety, Stress, Procrastination and Lack of Focus So That you Can Reach You Highest Potential and Start Enjoying Life!
Working with clients for hypnotherapy in Sydney and surrounding areas I notice that stress and anxiety are everywhere and can cause many problems if ignored. Have you ever met anyone who didn’t feel they had stress in their lives?  I can’t say that I have every come across anyone who said to me, “I have no stress in my life, feel at peace all the time.” In fact, most of the people I come across are paralyzed by stress and anxiety – without even knowing it, they have let stress slowly build in their lives, little by little, without even realizing that it was impacting their relationships, happiness, career, health and entire lifestyle.
Let me ask you these important questions:
Have you felt trapped – like a caged monkey who can’t seem to break free no matter how hard you try?
Have you all but given in to the pressures of life and find yorself often drifting through days, months even years without really accomplishing anything substantial?
Do you have more unhappy moments than you remember in the past?
Do you find that even when you do get a spare moment, that you can’t seem to really enjoy the things you used to?
Chances are negative stress has eaten away at your life, here’s Due to a variety of socio-economic conditions, stress has now become more widely recognised by both individuals and employers. People in the Australia lose several thousand days of work not to mention great personal anxiety that can lead to marital discord, depression, panic attacks and many other problems. Stress and anxiety put people in the hospital every day. It may not be common to go to the doctor to say “I think I have stress,” but the National Institutes of Health say that 80% of illnesses are caused by stress, directly or indirectly. Powerful hormones, including adrenalin, are released into your blood when you’re stressed and anxious. They cause a rise in blood pressure, a faster heart and breathing rate, and faster conversion of glycogen into glucose. These are all good things if you need to escape a charging grizzly bear. Unfortunately, when these effects are prolonged, as they often are in modern life, the immune system is depressed, and the body suffers other negative changes. Some of the common negative effects of prolonged stress include fatigue, pain in the muscles and joints, depression, anxiety, headache, mental confusion, and irritability. These stress reactions cause your body to use too much energy,  which can eventuaLLY result in physical and mental weakness. Anxiety and stress are problems of over active Amygdala. Often we experience as children events that at the time are perceived by the mind as threatening or traumatic and as adults we are not even connecting what is happening to us now back to those memories. But in the subconscious those memories are relieved again and again and associations are created to events that happen later on in life and the mind creates a constant fight of flight response because it concluded that the individual is in constant danger. So the Amygdala which is the reptilian brain keeps being triggered with trivial experiences with fear and stress responses because of that belief that we are not safe. When triggered it never reaches the conscious logical thinking because the fight or flight response is triggered and takes over. Therefore trying to resolve this problem with conscious mind exercises or analysis do achieve long term results. At Achieve Now we offer a comprehensive stress management programme using Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques in one on one session, group session and via skype for both individuals and corporate clients to help with stress and anxiety in an immediate way and also to offer long term strategies. Hypnotherapy and NLP are techniques that address the subconscious mind level and changes the subconscious programmes. By working releasing the emotional bank that has been been building up in the body over the years using techniques like Time Line Therapy™, Peace Process and EFT we first release the emotional patterns and limiting beliefs that are creating the issue and we then install the feeling of safety in the subconscious. Effective stress management takes in various therapeutic models and tailors a programme to include not just dealing with the presenting stress but to also help clients to avoid reaching high stress levels in the first place. Hypnosis can help with stress by;
Teaching relaxation techniques and relaxation exercises, thereby developing new ways to relax naturally (the relaxation response instead of the stress response).
Positive thinking can help with panic attacks, anxiety and fears.
Creating an understanding of stress using cognitive techniques and the reasons for stress and addressing those stress factors on different levels giving an understanding of the individual nature of stress and creating positive outcomes for the future.
Using positive suggestions directed at the subconscious level to stop the overreaction to situations that are trivial for most people but cause anxiety in people who suffer from these conditions.
To find out how bad are your stress levels please downloading the stress test from this page by submitting your name and email? You can also book a free consultation or call for a confidential phone consultation to find out how and if we can help with your particular condition. Gema is very experienced and non-judgemental so we assure you that you are going to feel comfortable and you will be surprised how quickly you can start feeling better.
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