Listen and read below to what my clients have to say about their experiences.

Quit Smoking:

Kelly’s Experience Yes, anyone that wants to give up or feel like that they want to give up, I’d recommend it to them. I have recommended it to my family and my friends. I’ve even said, “Look, I will pay for you to go and do it,” and yeah and I said, “No. It’s worth it, you can trust me. You’ll be giving me back the money. (*)

Kelly’s Experience
Matthew Dingle I tried the hypnotherapy with Gema Ruber and i have had great results.I was a smoker for 20 years and now i am smoke free. Thank you Gema. (*)

Maria S I was referred to Gema by my neighbor who also gave up smoking after one session with Gema she is now smoke free for 2 years. I am a non smoker for 3 month Now! It took only one session. It was easy and it gets easier every day. My big test was when I went to a party where everyone was smoking and I didn’t even touch one cigarette. I highly recommend! you owe it to yourself! (*)

Allison L I CAN thoroughly And confidently recommend Gemma in her capacity as a highly trained, skilled and capable Business Mind Coach, NLP practitioner and Hypnotist. I have used her services personally many times over recent years and she has successfully aided me to stop smoking and drinking instantly and with ongoing effect – her results are truly profound. I have also sent a number of friends and colleagues to her and they’ve all experienced such success. (*)

Weight Loss:

Elle’s Experience I liked it very much because I felt that a lot of emotions that I had and carried since I was young were released and I feel much lighter and I feel much more capable of doing things and going on with my life. Before, it was very hard for me to do things and to start stuff and even to challenge myself. (*)

Elle’s Experience
Mario’s Experience When I came to you, I was then having a little pot belly, I had asthma, you put me in hypnotherapy, you helped me that with the dust and the cats. I am not allergic to dust or cats anymore. And my health, I feel a lot fitter now. I exercise just about every second day or everyday nearly sometimes. I am starting to tone up. When I came to you I was starting to feel really dreadful physically, but now I’m feeling a lot better about it, and I really look forward to exercising, maybe sometimes I got to push myself but I really do enjoy it.” (*)

Mario’s Experience
Mario’s Experience
Maritza’s Experience I am very optimistic. The issue with the self-esteem was basically because of the weight problem. When the weight problem disappeared so did my low self-esteem. So, I am really very confident now and looking forward to the future which I have always done. Yeah, very optimistic. (*)

Maritza’s Experience
George Marin I first met Gemma 5 months ago when i went to see her to help with my weight loss. At first i was a bit hesitant and sceptical about using mind coaching and hypnosis but after having tried several other diets i thought it was worth a try. I am now glad I did take that step as Gemma as changed my life. I have since lost 23kg and Gemma has been there supporting me every step of the way. From the first day she listened to what i wanted and needed and the recommended what she thought would be best for me. Sheis very professional in her dealings and has always been supportive and motivating all the time. I would really recommend her services and know that you will get results.Thanks Gemma. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gemma! (*)


Irena’s Experience I thought the Timeline Therapy was really useful. I was surprised how quickly I got into it and how easy it was for me, but the Hypnotherapy, I can’t tell you much about it, half of it I remember, half of it I don’t, it’s a very unusual feeling, but apparently when you ask me about my purpose that’s what came out and later on I was doing some writing exercises and really there was so much that I wanted to write about that I didn’t even think about before.

Irena’s Experience
Mario’s Experience I am feeling better about myself, feeling more confident about talking to women and pretty much everything. I’m feeling a whole lot better about myself.

Bernadette’s Experience And the most amazing thing that I have found with your techniques, Nurit, is the subtleness and the gentleness of the coaching. It is so easy to do and the profoundness. You actually realize why sometimes we have put ourselves in a situation and how we are able to have and how you show us how we are able to have the power to harness the techniques to be able to effectively make those choices or changes in our lives to not just benefit whether it be business or in a relationship, but it just rolls over to your whole areas of your life, and like I said, the profoundness is that you really don’t realize i

Jenny F. about overcoming Stage Fright I wanted to be able to take part in a public performance, where I was required to speak and sing in a public performance arena and I didn’t feel I had the confidence to do that, which is why I came to see you. It was an audition for a show here in Australia called Australia’s Got Talent, where I was required to sing initially in front of one person, which I did and they sent me on to a second audition with the Executive Producer I believe. I enjoyed exploring issues that I actually didn’t even realize that I had, but we would suddenly touch on things that I realized I was sensitive about and we were able to bring those issues out into the open and deal with them in such a safe, and nonthreatening environment. The speed with which it was done was what really amazed me more than anything. They were just there and then they were gone!

Jenny F. about overcoming Stage Fright
(*) Results may vary from person to person.
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